Groom Checklist

Three to Twelve Months Before the Wedding:

  • Set Budget and division of financial obligations
  • Buy engagement ring
  • Choose best man and ushers (one usher per 50 guest)
  • Set appointment with clergyman
  • Furnish family guest list to fiance
  • Plan honeymoon with fiance (check passports and visas,if necessary)
  • Order bride’s flowers
  • Order mother’s flowers
  • Plan correct formal attire with fiance and groomsmen
  • Make reservations for rehearsal dinner
  • Take dance lessons
  • Order groom’s cake
  • Reserve limousine and/or special transportation

Two Months Before Wedding:

  • Select your wardrobe for honeymoon
  • Select wedding rings with fiance
  • Choose gifts for ushers and best man
  • Select bride’s gift

One Month Before Wedding:

  • Arrange all needed insurance and review legal/medical/religious documents.
  • Arrange lodging and transportation for out of town guest
  • Have medical examination and blood test

Two weeks to One Day Before Wedding Day:

  • Get marriage license
  • Provide final guest count for rehearsal dinner to caterer or restaurant
  • Arrange for clergyman’s fee
  • Plan bachelor dinner or party with best man
  • Pick up wedding bands
  • Pack for honeymoon

Information from the Tuscaloosa Bridal Directory

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