Grooming the Groom

There’s no disputing that the wedding is the bride’s day, but that doesn’t mean the groom doesn’t need to pay attention to his appearance. Take pride in knowing that you are a beautiful couple with a perfect sense of style.

Tuxedo from Jim’s Formal Wear

Whatever the style and degree of formality you choose for your wedding, there are a few key points regarding fit when ordering formal-wear for groom and groomsmen.

Shirt: Whether pleated front panels or traditional smooth-fronted ones, shirts should fit snugly around the neck.

Pants: The bottom hem of the pants should touch the top of the shoes

Jackets: As a general rule, you should be able to cup your fingers under the sides of your suit jacket. Jackets should fit snugly, but comfortably with some room at the waist. Vents on the sides of the jacket should lay smoothly and follow body lines

Sleeves: Sleeves that drop below the thumb or come midway down the hand are too long; if the wrist bone is showing, the jacket is too short

Collar: The collar should hug the neck and the lapels should not buckle

With all the attention given to the men’s clothes, an important detail that is sometimes overlooked is the groomsmen’s hair. Men are generally more casual about haircuts than women, but they should be sure to get a trim two weeks before the wedding to add the finishing touches to their wedding finery.

Tuxedo from Jim’s Formal Wear

A Groom’s Glossary

Tails: The ultimate formal attire, which should only be worn after 6 p.m., this ensemble features a winged-collar tuxedo shirt, ascot or bow tie, vest, tuxedo trousers and tailcoat. The full-dress ensemble comes in black, midnight blue, or grey, with a white shirt and matching or all white accessories.

Tuxedo: Either a single or double-breasted, this formal suit has satin shawl or notched lapels. Matching pants sport a satin stripe down the pant-legs. Tailored in silk, mohair, wool or blend, in black, grey, ivory or white, tuxedos come in a range of styles to suit any taste.

Vest: This is often referred to as a waistcoat and comes in single- or double-breasted styles easily worn with nearly any tuxedo ensemble. With the open back vest, a band goes around the neck and another is fastened across the back. Tails, strollers, white-tie and director’s suits require a different type of vest. 

White tie: Worn only to the most formal evening weddings, this ensemble consists of a black tailcoat and black tuxedo trousers with a white bow tie, winged-collar shirt and white vest.

Information from Tuscaloosa Bridal Directory

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