Wedding Checklist

Three to Twelve Months Before the Wedding:

  • Determine budget with parents/number of guests. 
  • Create a website for your wedding.
  • Type of wedding (very formal, formal, semi-formal).
  • Date, time and place for ceremony. 
  • Visit officiating clergy for ceremony. 
  • Choose bridal consultant if desired.
  • Type of reaction. 
  • Reserve facility for reception
  • Bridal attendants
  • Wedding Dress
  • Attendants’ dresses and mothers’ gowns
  • Start compiling guest list 
  • Wedding invitations and announcements/ calligraphy if desired
  • Thank you notes and personal stationary 
  • Choose photographer and videographer
  • Register for gifts 
  •  Buy a wedding album, gift and guest record file
  • Find a new home with furnishings 
  • Start your makeup lessons, skin care, hairstyling program
  • Start your workout program with personal trainer 
  • Ceremony and reception music 
  • Take dance lessons 
  • Meet with florist
  • Make appointment for premarital examination 
  • Consult caterer 
  • Discuss honeymoon with groom 
  • Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out of town guests

Two Months Before Wedding:

  • Check state requirements for marriage license
  • Order bride’s cake 
  • Address and mail invitations 
  • Develop system for organizing RSVP’s
  • Wedding gown fittings 
  • Shop for trousseau 
  • Coordinate men’s formal wear attire 
  • Select attendants’ and groom’s gifts 

One Month Before Wedding: 

  • Begin dental treatments to whiten teeth 
  • Have programs printed
  • Set appointment to have makeup and hairstyling 
  • Check with groom regarding wedding ring(s)
  • Final fitting of wedding dress and all gowns
  • Make sure musicians/DJ have playlists 
  • Send portrait to newspaper 
  • Complete arrangements for reception 
  • Arrange transportation for out of town guests 
  • Arrange for moving (if necessary)
  • Arrange for party rental equipment 
  • Arrange transportation to ceremony and reception
  • Arrange for your joint or new checking accounts 
  •  Have all charge accounts changed/change of address to post office
  • Acknowledge each gift as it arrives 
  • Arrange for yoga class to help with stress from above 
  • Pick up marriage license

Two Weeks to One Day Before Wedding Day:

  • Arrange final seating for the rehearsal/reception 
  • Write toasts for rehearsal dinner 
  • Check all gowns and accessories/ break in wedding shoes at home 
  • Complete trousseau and going away clothes
  • Write checks to vendors, put in envelopes and give to event planner to distribute. 
  • Give caterer final estimates of attendance at reception 
  • Discuss specific shots with photographer 
  • Make arrangements with Best man to return tuxedo rentals 
  • Attend bridesmaids luncheon and present gifts 
  • Deliver welcome bags to hotel 
  • Arrange any last minute transportation 
  • Put all wedding clothes in one place 
  • Provide any readers scriptures for readings 
  • Arrange wedding day time schedule with event planner 
  • Get lots of beauty rest 

Wedding Day:

  • Relax- Have a leisurely breakfast 
  • Take time to bathe and dress leisurely 
  • Makeup by an artist, manicure, hair styled 
  • Leave all details to those responsible 

This is your day. Enjoy!!!

Information from Tuscaloosa Bridal Directory

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