Red, White, and Blue!

Here at Classy Threads, we celebrated Independence Day in style. Our red, white, and blue dresses are ready for every occasion you may have coming up. Whether you are attending a family event or going out with your friends to celebrate, we have dresses for both occasions. We have short and long dress galore. Some are simple and some are elegant. We are not only for the fourth of July holiday, but any event you are attending in the future!

Our red dresses are elegant and classic. They have a powerful look behind every step. Some of our more popular designers we carry for red is Sherri Hill, Johnathan Kayne, and Jasz Couture. Sherri Hill has more popular short dresses. She is known for her elegant and sparkly looks all in one. A red dress is appropriate for any occasion and looks good on everyone. Classy Threads has a number to choose from, all you have to do is stop by!

White is a color of new beginnings and innocence. So a white dress is represented in a number of ways. They can be used for a number of events and occasions. One of our more popular events is wedding receptions for the bride. We have beautiful long and short white dresses. Whether they be simple or more fancy, we have a variety of both. Come shop our short Sherri Hill white dresses to find your perfect look! 

Wedding are known for having something blue. Here at Classy Threads, we have lots of something blue. Our short and long blue dresses filled with fun! Whether you get a classic short Sherri or an edgy Jasz Couture dress, we have it all! Our dresses are ready to be worn for any and every occasion and we look forward to helping find your gown!

All dresses pictured can be purchased from Classy Threads!

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