Planning the Perfect Wedding Reception

How to plan for a:

Reception in a Hall or Club

Having your reception in a hall or club is very popular among couples. The number one thing to check for with these are the room sizes and if they are available for your date and time. You have to be sure that you have everything you want before signing anything from the vendors. You want to make sure that the venue will be warming and inviting for your guest and that they will have excellent service while attending. These venues are generally catered, so finding your caterer and food choices are also important while booking your hall or club.

Wedding at your home

Many couples decide to have their receptions at home. Home weddings and receptions can be held at any time of the day and can be cooked by family or catered. The decorations can be flowers, potted plants, and even candle or t-lights depending on the time of day. A home wedding and reception can be more intimate than a big venue with a large number of guests. Having your close family and friends there by your side on your big day can be very enjoyable.

The food is also more of an open menu. If cooked by family, they can pretty much make you whatever you want to serve your guests. Caterers you have to order from a menu and it could be pricey. By holding it in your house, you could save money by getting family members to help with the cooking and serving.

Garden/Outside venue

These venues tend to be a little larger because you can always set up tents for additional space for your guests. The tents you rent are a great option for larger weddings because they hold more people, you can rent a dance floor to install, and even a band. You can even rent a tent so they caterers have their own space to serve guests and prepare food.

Information from Pensacola Bridal Directory

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